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Title: SRS Best paper awards 2017

Session ID: 934

Question 1: Vote for the best paper

Only the 6 most popular results are shown.

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud?10
2 DRE-ip: A Verifiable E-Voting Scheme without Tallying Authorities4
3 Influence Tokens: Analysing Adversarial Behaviour Change in Coloured Petri Nets2
4 PiSHi: Click the Images and I Tell if You Are a Human2
5 Evaluating Users Affect States: Towards a Study on Privacy Concerns2
6 Decentralized Privacy-Aware Collaborative Filtering of Smart Spammers in a Telecommunication Network2
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Question 2: Do you think we should continute BPA next year?

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Yes22
2 No0
3 Not sure1
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Question 3: Write free comment about this group meeting

Answer NumberText
2 Great!
3 Presentation was interesting. Was expecting presentation on security in IoT as I am from Scalable Computing group.
5 The meeting was cool.
6 Well done all
7 Fantastic papers hard to choose a winner.
8 Are you kidding?
9 Really confident public speaking from all
10 We should have this twice a year in order to increase research paper produced.
12 Great
14 Great event. Can we have lunch next time?
15 Great gathering of ideas
18 ok
20 Great
22 Free comment about this group meeting
23 We should ban cat photos :-)
24 Great event! Nice to see so many styles of presenting and motivated people!

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