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Question 1: Vote for the best security paper

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Harvesting high value foreign currency transactions from EMV contactless credit cards without the PIN.10
2 Verifying Secure Information Flow in Federated Clouds 6
3 A Survey and Evaluation of the Existing Tools that Support Adoption of Cloud Computing and Selection of Trustworthy and Transparent Cloud Providers 3
4 ZombieCoin: Powering Next-Generation Botnets with Bitcoin 9
5 Quantitative Workflow Resiliency 3
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Question 2: Vote for the best resilience paper

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Studying the Interplay of Concurrency, Performance, Energy and Reliability with ArchOn - an Architecture-open Resource-driven Cross-layer Modelling Framework 8
2 Modelling Patterns for Systems of Systems Architectures 23
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Question 3: Vote for the best formal methods paper

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Programming chemistry in DNA addressable bioreactors 6
2 Diagnosability under Weak Fairness 7
3 ProbReach: Verified Probabilistic Delta-Reachability for Stochastic Hybrid Systems 1
4 A Model for Capturing and Replaying Proof Strategies 9
5 Stochastic Model Checking of Genetic Circuits 8
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Question 4: Vote for the best bio paper

Answer NumberTextVotes
1 Quasispecies in population of compositional assemblies 4
2 Dynamic mechanisms of focal seizure onset 11
3 Non-antibiotic quorum sensing inhibitors acting against N-acyl homoserine lactone synthase as druggable target 3
4 Composable Modular Models for Synthetic Biology12
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Question 5: Feedback or suggestions (optional)

Answer NumberText
11 why did i need to answer every section? I would have liked to abstain some of them.
13 n/a
14 If there was a brief description of each paper during the voting, it was easier to remember the papers better.
17 make completely electronic voting; can have a NCL-based form, that 1-2 people from ourside the school will collect the results and keep them anonymous
19 I think it a mistake that one must choose a paper in each category - there should be a
24 Interface not intuitive: when I make a selection, it is not shown on the screen straight away, so I had no way to know it has been registered and kept trying to click/double-click several times. The usual radio buttons would be better. (Could be a problem with my browser - ie11.)

Note: Type 3 and 4 questions do not have bulletin board pages.